sabato 26 dicembre 2009


Heyyy Merry Christmas (ok one day late :D) ahah
how are you?
I'm so happy 'cause finally i am on holidays and i can spend my time drawing, watching tv, playing videogames and start tattooing!
oh yes!!!! i am so happy 'cause i'm starting this new experience of tattooing!
This is a dream coming true! and i'm really excited about it! ^_______^
i'm going to show you my first works so you will have fun XD
my poor boyfriend will be my first cavy :D aahhahh!
we'll see!
i want to show you some pictures of my first exhibition at the crim shop

it was really cool and my art is still in the shop!
You can visit Crim Shop - Via San Francesco da Paola 4 Torino, i will be thre in the next days! :D
i am damn happy because i sold my first piece of art a couple of days ago *_*
that's the best christmas present to me :D
i will put my art soon online on my etsy shop ^___________^

Ok now i go!!
I hope to update my blog soon ;)
love you all


3 commenti:

  1. Can't wait to see what tattoo u come up with hun??? Love ur little table display and soooo happy that you have sold your goodies already> Because they are the best ever~!!!!!!

  2. awww angie you're always the sweetest!!
    i love you! and i thank you for your support!!
    you're the best <3

  3. congrats Momoko, about the show and the tattooing, all the best to you!