lunedì 19 aprile 2010

2 shows in 1 week!

OMG It's a lifetime since i posted something on this blog!
Sooooo here are 2 BIG news for me!
This week I have not one but TWO EXHIBITIONS *______*
The first one is gonna be an event on thursday at one of the most wonderful Art Gallery in my town!
Here it is the show

It's gonna be fun 'cause I am with many cute friends like Crim & The Cheekies yayyy!
I can't wait ^_________^
The second one it's gonna be on friday!
The place is called ZERO and it's a very cool place in the center of my town!
There will be a very cute Dj Set and I hope it's gonna be fun ;)

Momoko ^_^

domenica 21 febbraio 2010


Yayyyy! 2 days til my new solo show *_*
awwwww can't wait!
I'll post a lot of pictures ;)



giovedì 28 gennaio 2010


Heyyyyy guys!
I'm so busy in those days!
I'm working at my exhibition and i have 1.000 ideas on my mind!
Many many projects that i hope u'll love ;)
Tomorrow night my lovely friend Cristina from Crim shop is coming at my house for dinner and we are going to make tons of projects! ^_______________^ yayyyyy me=super happy!
she supports me a lot and i will always be greatful for this!
I will update very soon this blog with sneak peek of my new pieces of art ^______*


giovedì 21 gennaio 2010


Omg guys i still can't believe!
I'm going to do a new exhibition in a very cool place in my town!

How cool is that!?
I went there last night and I totally fell in love *-*
My exhibition will be on February 23th!
My pieces of art will be there for 1 month *-* yayyyy! so exciting!
I really hope you will be there ^_*
I also have 1.000 projects on my mind... I hope 2010 will be a lucky year for me :D
Ok, time to go for me now!
See ya soon!